Action for Healthy Kids :30 PSA
Problem / Opportunity
Obesity is a risk factor for dozens of health problems that diminish quality of life.
70-80% of obese children grow to become obese adults.
Children learn eating habits from their parents, both healthy and otherwise.
Key Insights
Most adults are not aware of the extent their children learn from them.
Comedy and emotional connection work well to promote awareness and change behavior.
Men are not typically as health conscious.
A comedic commercial reversing authority roles and compelling adults to be an example for their children.
Target Market - Demographics & Psychographics
Men age 25-45
Parent of, or otherwise responsible for young children
Works full time; "bread winner" of the house
Doesn't otherwise feel responsible for influencing their kid's eating habits.
No Dad!
Be an example for your kid. Take the pledge to help end childhood obesity,
with Action for Healthy Kids.

Little Girl - E'Mya DeFoe
Father - Corey Norman

Director -Kateline Maton
Director of Photography - Aaron Smith
Copywriter - Aaron Smith
Art Director - Bianca Czarnocki
Production Audio Mixer - Kirstie Smith
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