American Heart Association :30 PSA
Problem / Opportunity
Heart disease is the most common cause of death for men age 30-54 in the USA.
Risk for heart disease and heart attack can be controlled.
Key Insight
Many men do not see heart health risks and conditions as within their control.
Target does not respond well to outright health advice, but does to comedy
A comedic commercial framing the risks for heart attack as more preventable than your mother-in-law.
Target Market - Demographics & Psychographics
Men age 25-35
Very health unconscious

Your Mother-in-law can strike at any time. 
Better watch it, you're getting a little hefty there. 
Some things are unpreventable, but you can prevent a heart attack. Take care of your heart today.
Director - Bianca Czarnocki
Art Director - Katelin Maton
Director of Photography & Copywriter -Aaron Smith
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