Security camera provider CCTV Security Pros kicked off with Coalition Technologies for an SEO campaign in September of 2017.
They began with a first-page ranking on just 45 keywords, and at position #35 for their primary target keyword "security camera systems." As of May 2022, CCTV Security Pros ranks on the first page for more than 1400 keywords and variations, including "security camera systems". These improved rankings bring in an additional 10,000+ monthly organic users.
Learn more in this case study.
User Experience
In addition to SEO, we made considerable design and layout adjustments to improve conversion rates on the most highly-trafficked pages. In these cases, I led the way by writing text rich in key value propositions, designing layouts, then working with graphic designers and developers to implement these pages on the CCTV Security Pros website. See side-by-side comparisons of layout designs and live pages below.
Content Deisgn
Finished Page
Content Design
Finished Page
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