Cincinnati Children's Hospital

A campaign created for Cincinnati Children's Hospital. Including TV, radio, digital and adwords.

60: TV Spot
INT. House - Night
A montage of household objects looking like menacing faces or monsters: In a closet, under the bed
Child Narrator: Once there was a scary monster who hid in dark places. He was scary because nobody knew where he’d be next. Until one day a group of heroes brought him into the light.
Household lights turn on to reveal the first monster as just a sweater on a coat rack, the second a pair of shoes under the bed and the third a MONSTER PLUSHIE.
INT. Hospital
A doctor finds cancer in an  x ray. He circles the tumor in red. The doctor optimistically addresses a family of three. (Mother father and daughter) Family members hold hands tightly for support.
Adult Narrator: A cancer diagnosis can leave a lot to the imagination. Cincinnati Children’s Hospital is here to help, with our top 10 ranked, most physician referred treatment programs. We provide comprehensive care and solid support to take the unknown out of the equation.
The doctor hands the girl a MONSTER PLUSHIE, she smiles.
EXT. Grassy Playground
A small group of children wearing HERO CAPES adorned with big “C’s” stand across from an adult dressed as the MONSTER.
Child Narrator:  The monster couldn’t hide anymore. The heroes showed us how to fight back, and we knew how to win.
The monster throws his hands up and turns to run. The children follow, screaming with excitement. The children catch up and tackle him to the ground. The adult pulls off his monster mask and looks as the children hug to him tightly, everyone enjoying the spirited romp.
Child Narrator: Thanks to Cincinnati Children’s, we all found a fighting chance.
:30 Radio

Boy: Mooooom, there’s a monster in my closet.
Mother: Here Max, use this monster spray, one spritz and he’s gone for good.
SFX: Spray Bottle squirt
Boy: Thanks mom.
Narrator: We’ve all been afraid of what we can’t see. But the doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital won’t leave you in the dark. with our top 10 ranked, most physician referred pediatric treatment programs, more families trust Cincinnati Children’s.
Boy: Will the spray work on that monster in the crib?
Mother: No, Max, that’s your baby brother.

Static Banner Ads
300 x 200
Google Adwords
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