Duratech - Brand Identity

Duratech is a fictional company I worked to create over an entire semester at the College for Creative Studies. Modeling real world examples of companies' business media, I constructed brand identity, public relations and internal communications media. Over time, Duratech grows and adapts to real world challenges of launching new products, recovering from crisis and tapping new markets.

Link to the full project:

Part 1: The Brand at a Glance
Brand overview, attributes, background summaries and executive briefs
Part 2: What the Audience Need to Know
Press release, additional information, letter to employees
Part 3: Speaking up
Executive remarks, media advisory, product reveal and key messages
Part 4: Crisis Management
Fact Sheet, standby statements, key messages
Part 5: Internal Communication
Employee recognition, personnel policy, new product, department spotlight, customer recognition
Part 6: Crafting News
Media pitches on new industry trends, company endeavors and products
Part 7: Taking a Bow
Entrepreneur of the year article
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