PetMix dog food is our grain-free original blend, featuring healthy ingredients most dog foods skip. We pack each bag with fantastic ingredients like whole eggs, apples, carrots, flax meal and kelp. Each one is 100% grain, gluten and allergen free and helps your dog maintain a healthy body. 
Why PetMix Dinners?
Be in control of what your dog eats: Many available foods are overflowing with indigestible grains, cheap fillers, harsh chemicals and gross animal byproducts, which all compromise long-term health. 
PetMix is the easiest way to cook for your pets and make sure they get all the nutrition they need. It can be served cooked or raw. The dehydrated formulas instantly re-hydrate with water and provide pets with all the nutrients they need.
-How your dog says 'I love you'

Peanut Butter Barkers  are a smart and delicious treat that your best friend will go bonkers for. Each treat is made with all-natural whole ingredients that make them not only tasty, but healthy too.
Why Peanut Butter Barkers?
Most dog treats have all the health benefits of a candy bar. They're often made from the animal by-products too gross for people to eat. Sometimes even dissolved with dangerous chemicals. Peanut butter barkers are the sensible bite-sized dog treat just as healthy as the food they eat.

Your Dog Will Never Know It's Medicine 
 In an ideal world, dogs would receive all their nutritional needs through dog food alone, but for many dogs, especially those with health conditions, pet owners must supplement their dog’s diet with essential nutrients. 
Healthy Dogma’s Essential Enzymes is a specifically formulated supplement designed for dogs that are facing serious health conditions, like cancer, arthritis, liver disease and severe inflammation. Since digestive disorders of the liver are becoming more common in dogs who are fed low-grade commercial dog food, there is an increasing need for supplements with the proper balance of key enzymes that can help them restore their ability to digest and absorb nutrients from food. 
This super strength formula contains concentrated amounts of proteolytic enzymes, like amylase, lipase, protease and many more. Healthy Dogma sources only the most active and purest enzymes so that you can feel confident in knowing that you are providing your dog with only the highest quality ingredients. Plus, your dog will love the liver-flavored tablet. 
Importance of Enzymes
Enzymes stimulate proper digestion and absorption of nutrients so that the nutrients can be used to maintain or improve the health of the dog. Enzymes are comprised of special proteins that work together with other cellular mechanisms to ensure that the body is utilizing its energy in an efficient and effective way. While we can get enzymes through food or through the body’s own mechanisms, in some cases, extra help from the proper enzymatic supplement is needed to support proper healing and the reduction of symptoms. Without a liver that functions properly, your dog’s health will continue to decline as he will not be able to process nutrients effectively and rid his body of toxicities. 
Healthy Dogma’s own powerful blend of essential enzymes can support your dog as it heals from an acute or chronic illness.
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