Hello Genius signed on for an SEO Campaign with Coalition Technologies in June 2020. It's an AI-powered learning platform for children designed to help reveal their interests and passions through self-guided discovery.
While the platform is still in development, I was able to write and position content to help define the brand identity, position its core values for families, and work with designers to implement a layout for the best possible visual communication.
The Challenge
The Hello Genius website was essentially a brand video and a contact form when we started. While the company is led by experts in education and app development, they needed capable writers and designers to help present their mission to the world.
There was a LOT to say about the platform and how it works. It took a focused content strategy to communicate its features and benefits concisely.
This was the homepage when we began in June 2020.
The Solution
We expanded the website from a single homepage to cover many aspects of the platform, including how it works, the features, and compatible devices. We concisely identified and communicated the value of Hello Genius for children and their parents while concisely describing the steps to install and use the apps, making it easy to get started. I worked with our designers at CT to communicate these ideas with simplicity and focus.
I've also written more than two dozen blog posts used to grow search ranking on long-tail keywords and engage parents on niche topics about supporting their children.
The header of the website now featured their introductory video, along with quick download buttons, and copy strategically positioned above the fold to help explain and contextualize the values of the platform.
Core benefits of the Hello Genius Platform were broken out across the site and paired with iconography to be more easily digestibleĀ 
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