Highway Safety Planning

Created to raise awareness of new regulations requiring mandatory use of ignition interlock systems for drivers convicted of DUI's. Done on spec for the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning. (OHSP)

Scene 1
Open on a man loading laundry into a washer at a Laundromat. He shuts the door and holds up an ignition interlock device attached to the washer. He blows on it to start the wash cycle. Rack focus to other patrons who look up from their clothes, reacting with glares of passive distaste.

Scene 2 
The man is next in line at an ATM. He punches in his number and the machine beeps in error. He holds up an ignition interlock device attached to the ATM. People behind him in line step to the side, looking at him with expressions of disapproval. He brings the device up to his mouth and winces as he breaths into it.
                   Quick flashback cuts show police lights in a rear view mirror, handcuffs locking wrists, a breathalyzer test.
SFX: Police siren beginning soft, building volume. Crescendo at flashback. Handcuffs locking
Police Officer VO: Step out of the vehicle. Blow into this. (Echo)

Scene 3
Jump to the man behind the wheel of his car. He looks startled and out of breath. He holds up an ignition interlock device. He blows into it and the engine starts.
Male Narrator: If you’re lucky and nobody got hurt, you might get away with one of these.
                   He drives the car out of a parking space. Nearby teenagers stop a game of basketball to stare at him while he passes.
                   Super: It's your life, Don’t blow it driving drunk.
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