I Run Toward Opportunities 
that Others See as Problems
While some people might grumble "not my job", I volunteer for the chance to learn something new and collaborate to engineer a creative solution. Hi, my name is Aaron Smith. I'm an SEO content strategist and Technical UX copywriter that helps businesses to grow and engage their audience.​​​​​​​
I'm a Team Lead of Copy Strategy at Coalition Technologies, a world-leading SEO agency based on their own search ranking. My 8-person team conducts keyword research and executes strategies that raise our clients' rankings in search results for their products and services.
I start with extensive research of a brand and its competitors, then concisely communicate its value propositions through a compelling written voice. My writing is eye-catching, creative, and data-driven. I excel at learning about and covering technically-challenging topics.
Optimizing for User Experience (UX) often means planning the entire conversion funnel. My work leads to higher conversion rates and click-through rates (CTR). I work closely with designers and developers to turn more visitors into clients or customers.
After 3 years as a Team Lead at Coalition Technologies (5 years in total), I lead 8 direct reports and am responsible for hiring + managing a team of 45+ contract copywriters. The concurrent monthly work of my team covers 100+ websites of our client accounts.
Now, why did you scroll all the way down here? Maybe you reject that body copy is just for SEO content, or maybe you'd like to know a little more about me.

I'm a big nerd. My personal project during the first COVID lockdown was building my own gaming computer. I own four chess sets, but will dance like an absolute goof if I hear the right music. I've taken up home brewing mead - It's like wine, except made with honey instead of grape juice. I also like reading sci-fi novels and play a Dwarf Paladin in Dungeons & Dragons.
I grew up in Michigan but took a 2200 mile road trip to Los Angeles in 2017 where I live now.