It was pandemonium at Hungry Howie's Pizza with huge crowds in the stores and lines out the doors. This was the Howie’s Leap Day Deal; a collaboration with Daniel Brian Advertising that became the biggest sale day in company history.
The founders of flavored crust pizza; Hungry Howie's is a franchise of nearly 600 stores in 21 States known for their charity work. The company needed a quick boost to meet it’s goal, a 23rd quarter of consecutive growth. So Hungry Howie’s partnered with DBA to plan and promote a sale so good, it could only happen once every four years. Large pizzas, buy one get one for 29 cents on leap day, 2016.
A legendary deal needed a revolutionary promotion strategy; local store digital marketing or LSDM. A cost effective advertising blitz targeting customers at key times of day near local stores. Digital ads, email blasts and live radio reads launched right before lunch and dinner. The effect was immediate and in some places, overwhelming.
With more orders than anyone expected, stores struggled to keep up with demand for fresh dough. Some ran out entirely, and were forced to close hours early.
Sales shot up 203% that day as over 46,000 customers clicked or called to order. Social media saw a 450% spike in organic interaction on Facebook. We received shout-outs from local radio stations in 7 major radio markets worth thousands in free media. And all of it from campaign planned and built in two weeks from start to finish.
Hungry Howie’s leap day deal worked thanks to super targeted advertising and a viral marketing message. It brought people in the door who’d never tried Hungry Howie's before and established February 29th as a new holiday for pizza fans everywhere.

30 Second Cut:
Leap day, 2016: Huge crowds in the stores and lines out the doors at Hungry Howie’s, thanks to the Howie’s leap day deal, promoted by DBA. We launched a digital advertising blitz spiking at key times of day, micro targeted to customers near local stores. Supported by email blasts and live radio reads, the Howie’s Leap Day Deal drove a 203% jump in same store sales. Over 46’000 customers made February 29th a new holiday for pizza fans everywhere.



Animation Production Assets

Voice over
Scratch track
2:00 Script read
0:30 Script read


Animated Assets
Franchise size map - >600 stores in 21 states
Growth chart – 22 quarters / 5 ½ years.
LSDM Animated text
Graph: Sales up 203%
Graph: 450% organic interaction
7 Major radio markets animated map

Advertising peak at times of day: 10a-12p, 3p-5p
Proximity map of targeted customers close to stores
Ads appearing in contest. Email, Facebook, mobile devices

Filler graphics – Pizza baking, deliveries, etc.
Crowded store, long lines
Closed sign being flipped

Graphics Assets
Facebook ads
Twitter ads
Digital Banners
Love, hope, pizza reference image

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