With Art Director Jin Kwag

Target Market: Adults ages 30-65 “Jaw-breaking Nostalgics” who remember the candy and are kids at heart.
Core Message: Jawbreakers have been the hardest and longest lasting candy in the world for over a century
Poster copy is simple and direct. Drawing a comparison between the longevity of the brand and the long lasting flavor of the candy. The spread utilizes sexual innuendo to capitalize on our adult target market
Spread: (Jawbreaker on bed)
Headline: Super Hard, Long Lasting, So Satisfying
Body: Jawbreakers can always take your tongue for a good tumble. Crack your impervious cravings with a partner both intimate and indestructible. To ignite a romance as endearing as it is enduring, go to www.candywarehouse.com
Theme line: The Candy that lasts a lifetime

Poster: (Generations of Jawbreaking)
Headline: The candy that lasts a lifetime
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