The world's premiere Krav Maga training company and owner of, Krav Maga Worldwide began their SEO campaign with Coalition Technologies in 2014. My team led SEO efforts that grew their organic sessions by 248%, from 15,375 annual sessions to 53,469. New organic users also grew 281% within the same period.
The Challenge
Krav Maga Worldwide initially featured a healthy amount of content. What it needed was a focused optimization, particularly local optimization targeting cities with certified training centers to maximize reach to potential new students.
Additionally, writing authentically for Krav Maga Worldwide required a thorough understanding of the brand and practice itself. Krav Maga is not a martial art like Karate or a sport like MMA fighting. It's a self-defense system used by military and police forces around the world.  That put a special emphasis on using language and content authentic to the Krav Maga community.
The Solution
We began with thorough research into Krav Maga Worldwide and its competitors. We identified dozens of opportunities to optimize the website for relevant search terms. We also worked backward, proposing many dozens of new blog topics based on keywords we were eager to target.
We began optimizing pages featured in the site's main navigation, then moved to more informational pages, then pages featuring specific cities where Krav Maga Worldwide training centers could be found. We also planned regular blog posts.
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