Mosquito Tank - 60 Second Radio Spot
Marsha: George, did you forget about our hike tonight?
George: On my way honey!
Marsha: What are you driving? I can hardly hear you… oh no
SFX: Low rumble
Tank treads increase in volume, then come to a halt
Hydraulic rotation of a tank turret
Pop of a tank hatch
George: Evenin’ sweetie
Marsha: George! What in heavens name are you doing in that tank?
George: Mosquito protection; I really hate those bloodsuckers.
Marsha: What ever made you think this was necessary?
George: Heh, 18 inches of solid steel baby.
SFX: Two quick knocks against tank
George: My blood’s at stake here, can’t take any chances.
Marsha: Why don’t we just use Ultrathon instead? It’s just as good.
George: Ultrathon huh?
Marsha: Uh huh, engineered for the US Military. Pretty strong stuff.
George: Strong as an artillery round?
Marsha: Keeps the skeeters at bay for 12 whole hours!
George: 12 Hours?? Jesus Marsha, isn’t that a bit overkill?
George & Marsha: *Laugh in unison
Announcer: 3M Ultrathon Insect Repellent, engineered for the US Military with 12 Hours of
Mosquito protection. You may not be at war, but the mosquitos don’t have to know.
SFX: Flamethrower sound
Tilt of visor
George: I suppose we can 86 the flamethrower then?
Marsha: *Sigh
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