A dog trainer blows her dog whistle. A scattered group of dogs perk their heads up from all corners of a city park. They begin to make their way over in a line, sitting proudly. The dog trainer walks down the row of dogs, stopping to observe a gap in the formation.
Dog Trainer: Axel, Duke, Smokey, Buster... Where's Buster?
She turns and continues to blow hard on the whistle. The dogs whine and whimper, laying down to cover their ears and snouts with their paws.
The dog Buster watches the whole scene from atop a nearby hill, wearing Sony headphones and sunglasses while sipping from a fruity drinking glass.
Buster: Suckers.
Announcer: This is Dave. Dave works at the zoo. Cleaning the enclosures for the howler monkeys, elephant seals and the moluccan cockatoos.
Each animal mentioned is shown making its extraordinarily loud and obnoxious call.
Announcer: Annoying, aren't they? But not to Dave, Dave wears Sony wireless noise cancelling headphones. Dave keeps his sanity and rocks out all day long.
Dave dances to his music with the monkeys. Many other animals escape in the background.
A teenage boy calls his friend on his cell phone.

Andrew: Hey Robin, I'm having a party tonight.
Robin: Are your parents out of town?
Andrew: Nope, but I've got an idea, Meet at my grandma's house.

A group of about a dozen teenagers meet in front of a small house and quietly tip toe inside. Andrew sneaks up behind his grandmother sleeping in her rocking chair and slips a pair of Sony noise cancelling headphones over her ears.

Andrew: All clear!

Music starts, the teenagers start dancing, chating and laughing. Grandma snores on.

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