With Art Director Bianca Czarnocki
Target Market: Children with an intense Sweet tooth for sour, ages 6-15
Core Message: Sour Challenge, Sweet Reward
The Copy and visuals are designed to entice consumers to challenge themselves and their friends as to how many warheads they can handle. Copy plays off of warheads as explosive devices with the word “Megatons” and “Detonate your senses”. There is an element of reverse psychology to create interest and a sense of danger
Spread: (Flash disintegration)
Headline: Caution; Contents Unstable
Body: Can you handle the world’s most powerful candy? Its a sour challenge with a sweet reward. Detonate your senses while testing yourself and your friends. For mutually assured deliciousness, start the warheads challenge at Warheads.com
Theme line: Empower the sour
Poster: (Blown apart typography)
Headline: Megatons of Flavor
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